Toronto Creatives at Hollywood North Party 2018


Toronto Creatives at Hollywood North Party 2018


That was a fun video, right! We love expressing fun in video form!

The Hollywood North Party 2018

You gotta to know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. 
With our fourth and final Hollywood North Party behind us we’d like to thank our Staff, Volunteers and other Partners for all their hard work and for bringing us along on this crazy adventure.

It’s incredibly fun being a small team as we generally get a bit more freedom of choice for how we spend our time, the projects we commit to taking on and the projects we don’t. As Toronto Creatives grows busier, and moves into 2019 we feel it’s important to make as much of our time available for our clients as possible (our clients are the best!) – As well as dedicating some time to our own fresh, creative endeavours.

Working on Hollywood North and building the brand up from scratch for four seasons was an absolute blast, and we’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve accomplished. That said, for the reason mentioned above along with some management-style and creative differences, we think it’s a good time to step aside. We wish the current Hollywood North partners success moving forward!



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