Climate Change is Real and Young People are Pissed


Climate Change is Real and Young People are Pissed


Greta Thunberg has over 2.9 million twitter followers and has risen to prominence virtually overnight. Well, she’s been vocal about climate change and building a substantial following for several years now. The following was enough to allow her the opportunity to address the United Nations.

The opportunity to address the UN was not lost on Thunberg and she took said opportunity to speak her mind, which helped her get to 2.9 million twitter followers.

Her address to the United Nations was harsh, critical and by all accounts honest; and understandably angry. The sixteen-year-old activist tore everyone over 30 a new one and we all deserved it. We should all be angrier. We should all be more terrified.

Thunberg’s twitter followers matter more than any Kardashian’s followers. Thunberg’s followers represent what we can only hope is a change in priority for people. Over 2.9 million people have at least expressed their support through a follow, and this is likely the smallest testament to Thunberg’s impact.

The Swedish activist has received her share of haters. They hate on her because she’s rude and angry, and they say things like “she’s just teaching kids to be entitled little shits, and complain when things aren’t going well”. It’s funny to me that she should be criticized for being angry, when she’s just a human, mad at other humans, do fucking up her home. Our home.

Like her or not she is technically correct. The science has been crystal clear for thirty years and it’s been massively ignored. The climate is getting warmer, much warmer than it should be given it’s recent 4.5 billion year history.

The planet you’re currently on is in trouble. You are in trouble. We have passed the point of no return, and we’re on to trying to make the impact we’ve already made less. We can only soften the blow and give the planet a fighting chance to recover while we still exist on it. If not, the planet will likely recover without us.

Now, let’s take a moment and enjoy Jane Fonda getting arrested in Washington DC whole she accepts her British Academy Stanley Kubrick Award for Excellence in Film, while she’s being arrested for the fourth time.



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