A Free WordPress website for Cafes and Restaurants.


UPDATE: To provide support for restaurants during COVID-19, Toronto Creatives is re-opening our Free Website for Cafes and Restaurants offer for the foreseeable future to help offset the hit taken by our friends in the hospitality business everywhere.


Our Toronto-based digital agency is owned and operated by veterans of the service industry, and we sympathize with how tough it can be to get traction with your marketing. That’s why for a limited time, Toronto Creatives is offering a free WordPress website for independent restaurants and cafes, with the non-commitment purchase of one of our hosting plans! Your hosting plan even comes with access to videos on how to easily update menus, copy, and photos on your new website.

Our backgrounds in the service industry are a fact we’re proud of. There’s a special kind of humility and work ethic that comes with any amount of work in the service industry.

Some of this probably comes with dealing with inebriated versions of people who may be worth paying attention to in everyday life, but when they are sitting at your bar they are generally not their #bestself. The rest comes from owners with very little money, huge overheads, and in Canada, a cold season that scares people from making as many plans as they would in the summer months.

It’s not an easy play to open a restaurant in Toronto. The average price per square foot in Toronto for retail space (net lease) is about $27.00, downtown this can be as high as $50.00 and even $75.00. The costs for a restaurant don’t stop there either – they have to deal with whatever kitchen equipment they need – unless it came with whatever retail space they’ve ended up with, in which case you can bet they paid for it with the overall price.


Marketing can be a major investment in opening a new restaurant. If no one knows what you’re selling, what are the chances they will ever venture into the door? Website requests from restaurants are one of the most common requests we get, and one of the jobs we don’t generally get. The reason usually boils down to price. Toronto Creatives makes great web properties and we charge accordingly. This leaves restaurants in a precarious position and often smaller or low-key restaurants opt to hire a freelancer, or try and do it themselves because that’s what they can afford. 

With this in mind, we wanted to give the small restaurants a break, seriously. We’ve created this FREE turn-key restaurant website and even created some videos that show you how to update your site easily with a front-end visual builder. This site is simple, it’s built with WordPress and as mentioned, comes with access to video tutorials that show you how to update your site. If you can use Facebook, you can use the builder. 

Each website is FREE for any small restaurant or cafe business when you sign up for one of our hosting packages. Here’s a view of how it comes, ready for you to customize. See it in action here

Get in touch using the form below to claim your free website. Within 72 hours of receiving your first hosting payment, our team will send you your very own site and provide you access so you can get to work customizing it, any way you like! As long as you continue to host with Toronto Creatives your site will remain active and available to you.

Please note, this is a customized design project by Toronto Creatives for independent restaurant and cafe businesses. Claim your free restaurant website by filling out the form below.

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