Fred Victor

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Fred Victor is one of Toronto’s leaders in homelessness advocacy, affordable housing, and transitional living. With over twenty sites across the city of Toronto from low-barrier shelters to permanent, affordable housing and even food support, Fred Victor does a lot to help the people of Toronto. Now, since the city has been virtually locked-down due to COVID-19, they needed our help, and we were more than happy to oblige. 

Each year Fred Victor raises money through a sponsored participation event known as Fred’s Walk. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world this year the walk was in danger of being canceled and the organization was looking at a potential – and very considerable – loss in fundraising. The organization knew they needed to take the event on-line, the question was how.

When Fred Victor reached out to Toronto Creatives they knew they wanted something – but didn’t know how to pull it off. With a detailed client intake out of the way and a clear understanding of the client’s vision, the Toronto Creatives team went to work, creating what would become the first Virtual Fred’s Walk.

The first step was producing six video clips around the city of Toronto at the Fred Victor sites that would normally be visited in person by the walk participants. Since this walk was virtual, the client was able to highlight sites all across the city – that they wouldn’t normally get to include due to distance.

The sites we visited each highlighted a particular program that Fred Victor oversees, including affordable housing, transitional housing, mental health court, and low-barrier shelters. At each site, Toronto Creatives interviewed a member of the Fred Victor team about the importance of the property, the services, and of course the donations that Fred Victor counts on from fundraisers like Fred’s Walk.

On each of the sites, Toronto Creatives included a drone shoot, allowing virtual attendees a different perspective on sites they would normally only see from the ground, if on foot. 

Once the segments were produced and confirmed by the client it was just a matter of organizing a virtual event into a Livestream broadcast for attendees on a private website. Toronto Creatives utilized our online virtual studio software, and a private – password-protected web address, coupled with scheduling and automated emails to attendees to produce a 1.5-hour Livestream fundraiser event that went off without a hitch. The Livestream was hosted by the Fred Victor team and included multiple guest appearances, dance and exercise breaks, and a trivia game – all put together with help by the incredible admin team at Fred Victor.

The virtual event was ‘attended’ by over 180 invited guests who all had access to a live chat throughout the broadcast.

We had a blast working with the Fred Victor team. What Fred Victor does in Toronto is incredibly important. There are over 9000 people in Toronto every night with no place to sleep. For more information on Fred Victor or just to send a donation visit