Download and Share this Black Lives Matter Video


Download and Share this Black Lives Matter Protest Video (Canada)


Editors Note: We believe it’s not enough for Canadian political leaders and business leaders to just ‘not be racist’, we believe it’s our leader’s responsibility to actively fight racism. We’re releasing this video and the statement below to help amplify the voices speaking.

2020 has been a year of change. Many of our news feeds have been filled with images and videos of citizens from the United States fighting for it. Although we have a different set of challenges to overcome than our neighbours to the south, Canadians have been doing their part to overcome systematic racism, police brutality, and our current state of inequality. Over the summer thousands of Canadians banded together, taking over the streets of Toronto to have their voices heard.

We took cameras to the Toronto BLM protests originally for safety reasons, to be perfectly honest. The violent images flooding in from the United States got everyone in Toronto a little uneasy, as scheduled protests approached. Just a little though, as in true Toronto style demonstrations were to-the-point, loud, reasonably argued, and pragmatic as hell. The message? Change is coming and it takes work, new leaders, and new voters.

We created this video because we thought the message was worth sharing. You can download your own HD copy of this video below, totally free to share in-full on your own channels with your own followers to keep this movement toward real change going.






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