Why Marketing is Important (and Why it’s Still Important)


Why is Marketing Important?

One of the most common questions we get asked is why they should invest in their marketing budget – put more bluntly – why is marketing important? The fact is marketing is important for any business as it’s the primary way companies communicate with their clients/customers. As the old saying goes, how will anyone know about your business if you don’t tell them about it?

Unfortunately, it’s not reasonable to rely on word-of-mouth and organic content if you want to grow your business. Marketing is not a one-man job and unless your product is revolutionary to everyone – or hipsters – it won’t get noticed by the people that matter without a marketing effort.

A lot is going on these days and a lot of distractions on top of that. Even the most internet-savvy millennial can have a hard time keeping track of the information they are exposed to daily.

What chance does a commercial message – even a beneficial one – have at reaching consumers next to a typical news headline of 2020?

Enter, Marketing. Marketing is an over-arching term that covers everything a company does to convince a client or consumer to purchase their product or even invest in the company itself. A company’s marketing plan should include several different marketing strategies that can include things like, TV advertising, targeted digital advertising, public relations, and even influencer marketing.

Marketing tells the story of your product/company – and helps makes it more discoverable if it’s done right. Marketing done right can also help your company solve problems and even help you pivot in an uncertain world.

Targeted Digital Marketing

Targeted digital marketing or targeted digital advertising works by using a platform such as Facebook or Google (among others) to display your advertisements to potential clients that show online activity related to your product or service. This optimizes a company’s digital ad spend, to only show their ad to the most relevant audience, or the audience most likely to respond. Knowing what you’re doing on these platforms is important, otherwise, you could end up showing you ads to thousands of irrelevant users.

For more information on targeted digital advertising get in touch.

What does Marketing Look Like in 2020?

On the surface marketing in 2020 does look noticeably different in the age of COVID-19, we’ve seen a lot of stock footage for one as well as a lot of Zoom calls, but if you look a little deeper the motivations and goals of marketing are the same. To be relatable, to be reassuring, and to be actionable.

Advertisers and marketers need to be especially careful with the messaging they choose to produce and promote. Above all else in the current world, we all need to have public safety at top of mind, and not to put dollars above lives.

Companies need marketing in 2020 as it’s crucial now more than ever to maintain communication with your customers and the public at large. The public is looking at companies and institutions now more than they ever have, waiting to see what will happen next. If companies don’t lead the way in a new social future, they will be left behind. 


Marketing is crucial for a business because it allows you to communicate with your clients and customers efficiently. A great marketer will understand this dialog works both ways. There are lots of different elements to marketing that should be considered together, and there is no harm in reaching out for some support!






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