About Toronto Creatives

Toronto Creatives is a boutique-multidisciplinary advertising and marketing agency in Toronto, Canada. Catering to clients across North America, all with diverse sets of creative and strategic needs. Toronto Creatives provides 360° marketing and communications services, specialized for the internet generation. Including brand design, end-to-end advertising campaigns, ongoing digital marketing/targeted advertising, video production, corporate and product photography, website design, and development, all powered by one of the most multidisciplinary boutique teams in our industry.

We believe everyone has an audience they have yet to reach, and we have the skills to connect you with yours.

Things move fast, and we recognize the market is shifting toward scalable, original content for more frequent digital releases to keep audiences engaged and keep brands top-of-mind. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep an audience’s attention, let alone find the right audience to target – we can help with both of these things, with scalable content strategies and targeted media buys.

Toronto Creatives delivers cinematic video content and remarkable digital assets with production strategies that allow for potential additional content and organic share-ability. This is done affordably, with open client communication and always keeping the clients’ short and long-term goals in mind.

Toronto Creatives understands the Internet and Social Media which means we know how to create campaigns and content appropriate for each platform. We also understand what businesses need to consistently do better to connect with their potential customers, across multiple touch-points. Additionally, we can help with the best ways to optimize customer communication, ad delivery and lead follow-up.

Toronto Creatives is a company created by and specialized for the Internet Generation.

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• Identity/Brand Design

• Advertising Strategy and Campaign Design

• Digital Advertising

• Commercial and Corporate Video Production

• Corporate/Product Photography

• Web Design/Development

• Targeted Digital Marketing

• Event Marketing

• Ecommerce Store Build & Maintenance

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