Toronto Creatives specializes in delivering great digital platforms with a plan on how the will live on the web and used in the world – helping you optimize your online goals.


We love creating content. It’s probably the most fun we get to have at work. We strive to produce great content that drives traffic, promotes engagment and helps get you seen on the web.


It’s not enough to build a website and send you on your way. We’d much prefer you have a plan. If you do, great! We can help you iron it out. If you don’t know where to start – we’re here to help.






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Happy 2018 Toronto

2017 was solid. Toronto Creatives had a fantastic year creating; for our clients and for ourselves. We want to thank our clients and our team members alike for giving 2017 their all. We can be nothing but optimistic about what's in store for 2018. We couldn't be more...

Pro Fusion 2017

Deadlines are basically the cornerstone to any creative company. So when we get busy, fun video projects like this, that we ideate, and put together for ourselves - tend to take a back burner. As was the case for our coverage of Pro Fusion 2017. This piece was...

Xian Clothing

The Montreal designer label, Xian is officially a Toronto Creatives client and creative partner and we're pumped! Mostly because we're always a little pumped as we've usually had several cups of coffee (on my third at the moment). But we're especially pumped to be...

Designing Wine Bottles 101

Designing a wine bottle is not only a designer dream job, it was even part of a lesson plan when I was in school. The reality is, it's about as exciting as designing anything else. That is to say, exciting to a designer. I don't drink per-se, but my colleagues do and...

Opera and Fried Rice: A Concept by Revel Food

Experiences are a huge part of what we do, on the web and in real life - and we're not always the ones creating them. Being a smaller team, we get to hop on other teams' projects pretty often, and in many cases the experiences themselves are not intended as XM at all....

Toronto Creatives on Halloween 2017

Halloween is always a busy time of year, particularly for one of our entertainment clients. 2017 saw the second year of Liberty Group turning Toronto's Casa Loma into what is arguably the worlds coolest 'haunted house' complete with actors and a Captain Morgan's...

Scalable 360° Marketing with ShuffleSpace landed in Toronto and wanted to make an impact in the summer of 2017. Toronto Creatives took on that challenge and through a 360° marketing approach strategically hit three Toronto neighborhoods with significant urban development: Liberty Village,...

Marketing Growth for Tea Online

Since we started working with Tea Squared the learning curve has been steep... Pun intended, a little. Black tea, by the way, shouldn't be steeped for as long as you're probably steeping it. That's why it tastes bitter. Check out the Tea Squared brewing guide here!  ...

Best of Toronto: 5 Years Young

In April of 2017 at Toronto's beautiful Brassaii, celebrated their 5 year anniversary with a guest attendance around 250 people. The event produced by Mode Events, included video displays, on-site branding, promotional material and a strong video...

Revel Food

Revel Food is the passion project of Katie Bradley and David Le, serving up some seriously awesome - South-Asian inspired gourmet street-ish(?) food. These guys also happen to be one of our catering partners when we take on events. They try their best to host a pop-up...


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