Branding and design represent a lot more than most people give them credit for. With the right branding you can immediately convey your company’s value proposition and how it relates to your company’s values.

Content Creation

We love creating content, it’s probably the best part of our day! We produce original video content and can accommodate a wide range of budgets and styles.


Toronto Creatives specializes in delivering great digital platforms with a plan on how they will live on the web and be used in the world – helping you optimize your online goals.


It’s not enough to build a website or design a logo and send you on your way. We’d much prefer you have a plan. If you do, great! We can help you iron it out. If you don’t know where to start – we’re here to help with that too.






Brand Design


Digital Strategy Setup

Packaging Design



Brand Design

Website Design and Development

Content Creation & Video Production

Social Media Promotional Management



Cannabis Marketing in Canada

    Well it’s finally October of 2018 in Canada and Legalization of Cannabis is right around the corner. We did want to pass along what we’ve learned so far about advertising for Cannabis in Canada what the laws mean and what you can realistically get away with. Let’s...

How Much Should I Pay for a Video?

    "How Much Should I Pay for a Video" - Great question, and like all things art it’s incredibly relative. Some of the most effective video content pieces were created for almost nothing using an iPhone and a great concept. That said we’re going to be talking...

Unzipped on King West

1802, the number of stacked glass fiber blocks that make up the Unzipped on King West. Originality designed and constructed for London's Serpentine Galleries by Danish Architecture Firm Bjarke Ingels Group. The pavilion is currently at its temporary home along King...

How Much Should I Pay for a Website?

    TRY NOT TO THINK OF IT AS 'HOW MUCH SHOULD I PAY FOR A WEBSITE?' AND TRY 'HOW IS A WEBSITE PRICED?'. Well both are fair questions! There’s a ton of reasons today that you might want a website, and unless you’re an industry leader or million playboy you probably...

Yoga and Tea on Queen West

  If you didn't know by now we're freaks for tea! Since taking on the Tea Squared account over a year ago we've had a total blast coming up with different ways to share Tea Squares unique blends and unique story! This Canadian company is focused on creating the best...

Making a Music Video

Toronto Creatives had an awesome opportunity to take some video work to the next level. With some help from the awesome choreographer Scott Fordham, who put together the dancers and the moves for us, and of course the amazing performance by Joey Niceforo himself....

2018 Toronto Auto Show in Photos

We got a little bored again at work, so we decided to go content hunting! #ContentHunting Something shiny caught our eyes on Front St, we ended up at the Canadian International Autoshow! Turns out the Autoshow is full of cars! $100 million worth of cars to be exact...

3D Printing and Retail Part 3: Technological Context

    This is part 3 of our series on the impacts of 3D printers on retailers. You can find part 1 and part 2 here. When you were a child, you used to beg your mother to take you to gift shops. They were highly stimulating environment, full of curious gizmos and...

Xian Rush Part 3: The S/S2018 – The Show

    Some days you wake up, and you know it’s going to be a day you will never forget. On this particular Wednesday we woke up got the gear together and got that feeling. All over the place. The office was a buzz and nothing really got done from 9am until 3pm - I think...

Design Thinking Series Part 1: Talent and Retention

    If you’ve spent time in a corporate office in the last five years, chances are you’re familiar with the term design thinking. It’s a popular entry in the corporate lexicon, much like “disrupt” and “blockchain.” But unlike many other jargony buzzwords, design...


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