As a Toronto design agency we regard brand design as much more than colours and fonts, although those are two powerful things. Your brand has purpose. It has a personality. Your brand has values and a mission it represents. It has an audience and a reputation of greatness to maintain. Above all – your brand has a story to tell and a inherent value that needs to be shared.


Have you ever wanted to simply show people how your business can help them? To simply convey an idea without having to explain it in an overly complicated way? There is little more compelling than video content for this reason. With the right video and the right message – you can convey your entire story or an entire idea in just a few seconds. This incredible value delivered in a matter of moments! We know how to make a marketing video and more.


Utilize what’s right for your project. The internet doesn’t always have to be WordPress. Although WordPress makes up over 20% of the web and occupies more than 50% of the CMS marketplace, along with being our preferred platform – it’s not right for every project. Every project in Toronto is different and as a design agency team we analyze each clients’ needs carefully, then make our platform and build recommendations.


Your brand has more chances than ever to make a first impression in Toronto, and with our design agency team, you can be sure you’re making the right one! Social media outlets should be adding value to your business, not costing you critical marketing dollars in the long run. Your blog should be generating leads and new traffic to your website. 

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It’s no secret we love Toronto, that’s why we created the 6o in the 6ix mini-documentary series! The best part about this is sharing the city we love; and getting invited to neat events!


Toronto Creatives The Vlog: Episode 03: Patrick Hunter

Hailing from Red Lake, Ontario a town we were not able to easily locate on Google maps, comes artist Patrick Hunter. It’s safe to say that Toronto can call Hunter our own since he’s lived here for more than five years, the unofficial minimum number of years it takes...

How to build a WordPress website that works

Let’s start by explaining what we’re talking about when we say WordPress. WordPress is a platform originally developed by the good folks over at as an open-source Content Management System (CMS), which was made available - and still is available for...

Climate Change is Real and Young People are Pissed

    Greta Thunberg has over 2.9 million twitter followers and has risen to prominence virtually overnight. Well, she's been vocal about climate change and building a substantial following for several years now. The following was enough to allow her the...

Dropout Independent Music Video Awards 2019

The Dropout Independent Music Video Awards is back for year two. is celebrating the 2019 Canadian Independent Music Video Awards on their website starting in November, and we're incredibly proud to debut the first promotional piece of artwork...

Why You Should Consider Sponsorship in Your Marketing Plan

Is sponsorship a good form of marketing? The short answer is yes, it certainly can be if used intelligently and alongside other forms of marketing. The reality is that as a sponsor, even a presenting sponsor, you're always going to be second to the thing, event or...

How Does an Advertising Agency Work and How Should I Choose One?

How do advertising agencies work? Typically an advertising agency creates - and manages the distribution - of advertising materials for multiple, regular business clients. Every agency is different, there is no concrete formula for agency setups and usually, the most...

Toronto’s Dragon Art Car is heading to the Desert (Video)

    Heavy Meta is Toronto's giant metal dragon art-car. Leading a growing trend in the more visible alternative artist movement. Recently the dragon car popped up on Sterling Road for an outdoor art party reminiscent of a baby-sized burning man (minus the...

Toronto Creatives The Vlog Episode 02: Toronto Creatives

Summer didn’t just fly-on by, it got up in the middle of the night and left, without so much as a Dear John letter. When last we left the Toronto Creatives vlog in episode 01 we were lucky enough to connect with the team from A&Co Clothing and get their insights...

Download Free Business Plan Template for Google Docs (with notes)

Being an entrepreneur can be tough in a world that moves as fast as this one. There are a lot of moving parts that have to come together for a business to successfully launch and even more that has to fall into place for your business to thrive. A good place to start...

Toronto’s Museum of Illusions (Video)

    Toronto has seen a modest explosion in the past couple of years of 'Experiences' - it's not much of a surprise as the trend of interactive art has been on the rise ever since huge interactive visually-driven installations such as Yayoi Kusama's Infinity...

Every artist, every business, every person has a story. We create videos, content, websites and even social media-driven experiences – all in an effort to share your story – and we jump-start it with strategic digital targeting so it’s shared with as many of the right people as possible. This is advertising for the internet generation.

What’s your story?

What’s your story?

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