As a Toronto design agency we regard brand design as much more than colours and fonts, although those are two powerful things. Your brand has purpose. It has a personality. Your brand has values and a mission it represents. It has an audience and a reputation of greatness to maintain. Above all – your brand has a story to tell and a inherent value that needs to be shared.


Have you ever wanted to simply show people how your business can help them? To simply convey an idea without having to explain it in an overly complicated way? There is little more compelling than video content for this reason. With the right video and the right message – you can convey your entire story or an entire idea in just a few seconds. This incredible value delivered in a matter of moments! We know how to make a marketing video and more.


Utilize what’s right for your project. The internet doesn’t always have to be WordPress. Although WordPress makes up over 20% of the web and occupies more than 50% of the CMS marketplace, along with being our preferred platform – it’s not right for every project. Every project in Toronto is different and as a design agency team we analyze each clients’ needs carefully, then make our platform and build recommendations.


Your brand has more chances than ever to make a first impression in Toronto, and with our design agency team, you can be sure you’re making the right one! Social media outlets should be adding value to your business, not costing you critical marketing dollars in the long run. Your blog should be generating leads and new traffic to your website. 


It’s no secret we love Toronto, that’s why we created the 6o in the 6ix mini-documentary series! The best part about this is sharing the city we love; and getting invited to neat events!


Free Business Plan Template for Google Docs (with notes)

Being an entrepreneur can be tough in a world that moves as fast as this one. There are a lot of moving parts that have to come together for a business to successfully launch and even more that has to fall into place for your business to thrive. A good place to start...

7 Ways to Simplify Your Content Creation Process

Ever since blogging, design and content creation became mainstream, more and more creatives struggle to find their spotlight on the global scene. Whether you are a web design professional or a dedicated content creator, simplifying your creative processes may not seem...

Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors Victory ​​Night in Toronto 2019 (Video)

In 2019 the Toronto Raptors stole our hearts for a good few weeks. Not that we’re not avid fans of the Raptors already - it was just more awesome. In fact, it’s nothing less than Toronto tradition to get extremely supportive of our teams when they even come close to...

Let’s Talk About Burnout for a Hot Second

Let’s talk about burnout. Burnout is most commonly known for being a state that creators can find ourselves in when it becomes impossible to well, create. It’s a dirty word and a terrifying prospect. We can find ourselves living in constant fear that tomorrow we might...

Five Free iPad Mockups for Web Designers 2019

Using mockups to showcase work is a pretty standard practice at Toronto Creatives, and we highly recommend it as a habit to get into. It helps give your work more context and allows for another opportunity to share our client's brands with our audience. After-all...

Collision Conference Toronto 2019 (Video)

    It's North America's fastest growing tech conference, and in 2019 Collision Conference came to Toronto. This is the conference's fifth year and the first time it's been held outside of the United States. The organizers even faced criticism when Toronto...

Five Tips for Experiential Marketing

The warm weather is here and all over the city Torontonians are coming out of their condos and hitting the nearest park to sit in the sun or maybe do a little vegan grocery shopping on West Queen West. The fact is people are out in the sun and you should be too. This...

5 Thing to Consider When Designing A Brand

We understand startups, small and medium-sized businesses because we are one. We understand budgets and taxes and all that stressful new, small or medium sized company stuff. More importantly, we understand the allure of the independent creative business person, the...

Treasures of the Deser​​​t Kingdom at Toronto’s Royal Ontario Musi​um

    Treasures of a Desert Kingdom features masterpieces drawn from the collection of the former Indian royal family the Rathore dynasty, most of which are on display outside their palace setting for the very first time. The family was one of the longest...

Five Marketing Strategy Tips for Releasing New Music

    Photo by zachrie friesen on Unsplash We did a piece a while ago that got some attention, about marketing tips for independent musicians. That piece was overall tips for an independent artists career more than the music itself, so we wanted to write a...

Every artist, every business, every person has a story. We create videos, content, websites and even social media-driven experiences – all in an effort to share your story – and we jump-start it with strategic digital targeting so it’s shared with as many of the right people as possible. This is advertising for the internet generation.

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