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As a Toronto design agency we regard brand design as much more than colours and fonts, although those are two powerful things. Your brand has purpose. It has a personality. Your brand has values and a mission it represents. It has an audience and a reputation of greatness to maintain. Above all – your brand has a story to tell and a inherent value that needs to be shared.


Have you ever wanted to simply show people how your business can help them? To simply convey an idea without having to explain it in an overly complicated way? There is little more compelling than video content for this reason. With the right video you can convey your entire story or an entire idea. This incredible value delivered in a matter of moments! We know how to make a marketing video and more.


Utilize what’s right for your project. The internet doesn’t always have to be WordPress. Although WordPress makes up over 20% of web and occupies more than 50% of the CMS marketplace, along with being our preferred platform – it’s not right for every project. Every project in Toronto is different and as a design agency team we analyze each clients’ needs carefully, then make our platform and build recommendations.


Your brand has more chances than ever to make a first impression in Toronto, and with our design agency team you can be sure you’re making the right one! Social media outlets should be adding value to your business, not costing you critical marketing dollars in the long run. Your blog should be generating leads and new traffic to your website. 






Brand Design


Digital Strategy Setup

Packaging Design



Brand Design

Website Design and Development

Content Creation & Video Production

Social Media Promotional Management


It’s no secret we love Toronto, that’s why we created the 6o in the 6ix mini-documentary series! The best part about this is sharing the city we love; and getting invited to neat events!


Indie Band Raising Money for Toronto’s Homeless with the help of A Pretty Music Video Directed by a Computer.

    Toronto Indie electro-folk band (and friends of Toronto Creatives), Prairials are raising money for Toronto's homeless population with the help of their new song "Don't Know Why" - the duo is are dedicating 100% of the money they bring in from their new...

Hudson’s Bay 7th Floor is Instagram Heaven

    Toronto's Hudson Bay has transformed their 7th floor into Instagram heaven to entice you to come to their store. For our breakdown on Experiences and how businesses can use them to their advantage click here. For an extream example of this read on....

The Experience Economy in 2019

    A study from Cornell University revealed that taking part in the experience economy can actually be good for your customers well being, as well as your bottom line. In this article we’ll explore what the experience economy means for your brand and your...

Why Design Should Take Over the World: Part 2

    What does this mean for design though?The more thought we put into design, the less we have to do later on. Ideally when a design works well, we make our lives easier. With a well thought-out can opener we can enjoy soup faster; a well designed...

A Look Inside Sidewalk Labs Toronto

    Down by the waterfront there is a lonely blue building that has been dubbed 307. The numerically trendy name is home to the office of Alphabet owned urban design company Sidewalk Labs.  Sidewalk Labs worked with Toronto Architecture firm Lebel &...

Favourite Products from Interior Design Show 2019 – IDS19

    Canada’s largest design conference, the Interior Design Show (IDS19) took place in Toronto last week from January 17-20. Despite the weather the show celebrated its 21st year and attracted over 30,000 attendees with 375 exhibitors and for the first time...

5 Tips to Design Stunning Business Cards

It's the second most important part of your first in-person impression, second only to you yourself. Your business card is often the signature leave-behind piece for planned and by-chance meetings. The way you approach your business card not only should reflect your...

Why Design Should Take Over the World: Part 1

    Good design constantly pops up more and more in everyday life. Since forward thinking companies such as Umbra and Apple based the core of their businesses on product design, a more mainstream appreciation of aesthetics & function has happened. More...

Toronto Launches Map of Street Art

    Photo by Alex Holyoake  I'm actually pretty excited about this - because, yes let's start taking our street art more seriously; and yes, let's start using the internet more creatively! Great job Toronto."Toronto is home to some of the best mural, street...

Design Thinking Series Part 2: Retain Top Talent

    Design thinking works well when applied to the recruitment process itself, but it’s impact goes far beyond that. Design thinking can also color the expectations of both the employer and the candidate.For companies that enthusiastically embrace design...


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