5 Tips To Supercharge Your Real Estate Photos Using Your iPhone


As part of its ongoing technological evolution, the iPhone has become more than just a communication device; it’s a full-on photography tool.

Incorporating this handy tool into your real estate photography can result in spectacular images that captivate potential buyers. The following are five strategies to improve your real estate photography using your iPhone.

1. Use Appropriate Photography Apps:

There are several photography apps available that can significantly enhance your real estate photographs. Apps like Lightroom, ProCamera, and Halide offer manual control over settings such as ISO, shutter speed, and focus. These tools allow you to create HDR (High Dynamic Range) images, adjust white balance, and even manage exposure settings, making it easier to capture high-quality real estate images.

2. Use a Wide-Angle Lens:

The iPhone already boasts a built-in wide-angle lens. However, the use of an additional, plug-on wide-angle lens can capture more of your property in a single frame. Lenses such as the ones from Moment or Olloclip provide a wider perspective that is essential in real estate photography. They allow potential buyers to fully appreciate the size and space of each property.

3. Optimal Lighting:

Natural light often provides the most appealing and inviting pictures in real estate photography. For indoor shots, turn on all the lights and open curtains or blinds to let in as much light as possible. The golden hours—just after sunrise and just before sunset—are the best times to take exterior shots.

To accommodate when lighting conditions are not optimal, consider using apps that offer light enhancement features. Apps like Adobe Lightroom can help you adjust shadows, blacks, and exposure, ensuring your images appear bright and clear regardless of the time of day.

4. Stability Is Key:

Physical stability ensures that your photos are clear and sharp. For this purpose, a tripod can be a game-changer. There are several reliable mobile phone tripods on the market, such as Joby’s GorillaPod. They can securely hold your iPhone at any angle, preventing shaking and ensuring crisp, clear photos.

5. Post-Production Editing:

Even the best photos can often benefit from a little post-production editing. Apps such as Snapseed and VSCO can help in enhancing colors, correcting distortions, and improving the overall appearance of your photos. Remember, though, over-editing can make your property photos look unnatural. The goal is to present an accurate and engaging visual representation of the property.

By implementing these five strategies, you’ll be well on your way to capturing stunning real estate photos using your iPhone. The more you experiment with these techniques, the more your photography skills will improve. Ultimately, captivating images can make your property stand out in the highly competitive real estate market.

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