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Brand design is more than colours and fonts. Your brand has a purpose. Your brand has a personality. Your brand has values, a mission it represents that runs through the DNA of your business. 

Your brand has an audience and a reputation to maintain – or even a reputation you’d like to move away from. Above all – your brand has a story to tell and an inherent value, therefore, your brand needs to be shared; and share-able. 

We’re happy to offer a complimentary brand consultation and design strategy to every new client, to give you a better understanding of how we’re going to approach your branding project. 

Each brand is entirely unique and we start with your unique value proposition. That can be anything from a revolutionary product to your impeccable reputation. Every brand has a unique value proposition, even though you might not even see it in your brand, we do.

Toronto Creatives will design everything from the logo to the overall deployment strategy. Upon confirmation of your brand identity, we’ll create a unique logo that embodies your brand. From there we’ll develop everything from your mission statement to colour scheme, to your website and communications. Consolidating and seamlessly integrating all your brand’s marketing assets. 

We take your branding and marketing materials very seriously because it almost always contributes to the first impression of your business, and first impressions are invaluable.

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