The Difference between brand design and logo design


Brand Identiy vs. Logo Desgin

People usually mix up brand Identity and Logo Design. To discern the two, we have to make definitions for logo, brand, and identity.

1. Logo: For starters, a logo is short for logotype. A logo is a symbol; usually an icon or a small image, that is used to graphically represent a company or a trademark. Ideally, it Is designed explicitly to be recognized and related instantly with what it identifies with. For that reason, companies usually put their logo on each one of their products along with their ad campaigns.

2. Brand: The logo is the center of the company’s brand, but not exclusively. Every visual element is used along with the logo. These elements can be colors, fonts, or symbols and are frequently used on anything related to the company for the brand to be distinct. For example, the color red is a prominent part of Coca-Cola’s brand, but it’s not a logo.

3. Identity: Last but not least, identity. A company’s identity is a level higher than its brand. In the same manner, the brand is a level higher than the logo. A company’s identity is something greater than visual elements. An identity is a message about who that company is, what it does, and what it offers. It’s like a description, but it is abstract on some level, although the company’s brand will play a vital role in its identity. If the identity is built correctly, customers will have reasonably accurate feedback about the company’s personality and quality of products and services.


Logo Design

By logo design, we refer to the process of creating a logo. Usually, this is the job of a graphic designer. Since the logo is the focal point of the company’s brand, which is a significant part of the company’s identity, the designer will have to keep in mind the other parts of the company’s brand. This is important for the final product, the logo, to provide the company with the ability for brand growth.

Brand Identity

The process of brand identity is the process of content creation, be it texts, ad campaigns’, audios and visuals, that will convey the company’s message and shape its brand. Social media posts, the content of websites, brochures, and posters are all part of the brand.
For a company, every part and process mentioned above is of utmost importance for its identity to be complete. But suppose you are an individual wondering which career path to choose. In that case, you should ask yourself, is graphic designing and the artistic part of the process what you are good at interests you, or you’d prefer to be part of a broader process involving expertise in communication and marketing to grow the company?

If the answer is the former, then it is Logo Design. If it’s the latter, then Brand Identity. But fear not because these fields are closely interconnected, and going back and forth between the two can be done quickly.

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