Garrison Crossing Timelaps


Garrison Crossing Timelaps


Garrison Crossing Bridge Links Two Toronto Neighbourhoods

Ok, bridges go up all the time. Probably not as much as they should as far as infrastructure development goes, but it’s not a rare occurrence like a shooting star or a UFO crash – it’s a bridge.

In this case it’s a pedestrian bridge no less! The Garrison Crossing Bridge(s) are actually interesting because of the way they are built. Unlike a standard build that can be accomplished primarily on-site using steel and a weld crew – the bridges designed and built for the new city crossing are made from stainless steel, giving them a significantly longer shelf-life than a steel bridge. Stainless steel also can’t be assembled on-site on a build like this as it’s touchy with the environment in which it sets, which is why the bridges where lifted in this way.

The Garrison Crossing is working toward the right direction in brining downtown Toronto together in a more accessible way.



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