Happy Pride Toronto in 60 Seconds


Happy Pride Toronto in 60 Seconds


Pride by (your logo placed here)

Well that’s a bit judgemental, maybe. I mean who are we to judge a tourism juggernaut that brings in 500,000 people to the city and over $1.7M in tourism dollars.

For the past several years the festival has been politicized. Except that’s sort of a not-true statement. A more accurate statement is that this protest has been commercialized for the past twenty or so years.

It’s a bit ridiculous to call out a protest at a festival based on a protest for being non-inclusive. Go ahead and re-read that.

Pride is about feeling safe and accomplishing something real. It’s the perfect place to protest. It’s what it’s their for and it should make you proud.

Everyone supporting a just protest should be proud and welcomed at pride, and we should listen to those who’s voices haven’t been being heard for this long.

Have a Happy and Safe Pride.



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