5 Uniquely Canadian 90’s P.S.A’s


5 Uniquely Canadian 90’s P.S.A’s


Canada has a unique set of nostalgia and memories from the rest of our North American counterparts. Although we generally do get a lot of overflow of American programing on this side of the border for the most part we as a country remember a very different set of PSAs from when we were kids.

We thought it would be a lark to put together a list of five PSAs from our childhoods that we remember fondly – or just that we just can’t get out of our heads.

Let’s start with the later.


1. Don’t You Put it in Your Mouth

was a Jim Henson inspired romp (probably) produced by Concerned Children’s Advertisers, who are likely still worried about children putting stuff in their mouth. Personally I would love to see an animated reboot of this video. It’s time Canada.

2. Stay Alert, Stay Safe

I think we can all agree that we’re a bit surprised at… disappointed in… in the current hoverboard market. Even these early 90’s safety mascots had some pretty sweet hoverboards. But the most important thing that this animated duo taught us? Stay Alert… Stay Safe!

Note: The story of Bert and Gert has its root in a devastating chapter of Toronto’s history. A number of high-profile homicides in the mid eighties that came to a head in the public eye when an 11-year-old girl was missing and eventually found, dead in 1985. The girls mother, then an executive at a prominent advertising firm, spearheaded Stay Alert… Stay Safe!, still one of the most well-known street-safe campaigns in Canada.

3. The House Hippo

The House Hippo remains one of the most coveted fake animals to ever grace our screens. Another one from the Concerned Children’s Advertisers the house hippo was created and set loose on our hearts to remind us not to believe everything we saw on TV.

4. Astar the Horrifying Robot

I’m not sure if anyone else had nightmares about CP3O as a kid, but if you did here’s a good guess as to why. Produced by the War Amputations of Canada, Astar is a robot, likely from the future 90’s, who can most certainly put his own arm back on. Since he can reattach is limbs he doesn’t seem to pay much attention to his own safety. Robot or not, lead by example Astar.

4. Burnt Toast

Have you ever heard that when you have a seizure you start to smell burnt toast. Well that’s not entirely true, that’s just what Dr. Wilder Penfield a Canadian Neurosurgeon’s patient smelled in her particular case. This was produced by Historica Canada and while not a traditional PSA, this History Minute fits the bill as memorable.

On a darker Canadian side note this is also the root of a go-too Canadian joke that infers the subject is having a seizure and was even poked fun at on the ‘semi-popular’ award-winning Canadian sitcom (yep) Corner Gas.






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