Our Inspirational AF 2019 Video Reel Featuring Jully Black, Seth Rogen, Max Kerman and Andy Kim.


Our Inspirational AF 2019 Video Reel Featuring Jully Black, Seth Rogen, Max Kerman and Andy Kim.


A Creative Reel is an important part of our internal marketing – it gives us the chance to showcase the best video work we’ve produced to date. We send the reel out to studios, artists, clients, and even other agencies to give them an overall scope of our skill set and the kind of content we can produce.

Every year we take a few days/weeks and review the video content we’ve created since our last go-round the sun and compile our best, favorite & most challenging works. Sometimes this is client work, internal projects, and even great b-roll we’d forgotten existed.

Our 2019 Reel is something special for us, and we’re extremely proud to showcase it here for you now.

Last year brought with it some incredible opportunities for us at Toronto Creatives, including covering the Canadian Walk of Fame 2018 Inductees Red Carpet, for our friends at BKonthescene.com.

While we were asking the celebrties about being part of the Walk of Fame Red Carpet and their holiday plans, we also asked them if they had any advice for young creators and artists. The overwhelming respose was reminiscent of a sneaker commercial – but totally honest and 100% worth passing along. The resounding (paraphrased) response was “Take action, own your passion and damned to what anyone else thinks!”. A theme that speaks to the entrepreneurial spirit of our agency and many of our clients.

Video is one of our favourite mediums to work in because it has the potential to involve and impact so many people; we’re grateful to be a small part of this world once and a while.

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