Toronto Creatives The Vlog: Episode 01: The Collab w/ A&Co.


Toronto Creatives The Vlog: Episode 01: The Collab w/ A&Co.


Some days it feels like an uphill battle for independent artists and entrepreneurs, but we do like to remember that we have some pretty sweet opportunities living in a city like Toronto. Toronto is becoming known more and more for innovation, design, entrepreneurs, and startups. So much so, it’s inspired us to take the Camera out and commit to this 2019 YouTube series.

We’re going to take 2019 and this platform and introduce you to as many Toronto artists, creators, and entrepreneurs as we can shake a camera at – we’ll try not to shake the camera…

A&Co. Clothing is a streetwear brand by Toronto brothers Leon and Brian Pierre. They recently invited us to an event celebrating their new production collab with MILK Toronto – Toronto’s milk themed sneaker boutique.

Thank you to A&Co. Clothing for agreeing to be in our premier episode. These guys are absolutely great and you should definitely check them out online at:

Also a big thank you to MILK Toronto (



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