Yoga and Tea on Queen West


If you didn’t know by now we’re freaks for tea! Since taking on the Tea Squared account over a year ago we’ve had a total blast coming up with different ways to share Tea Squares unique blends and unique story! This Canadian company is focused on creating the best in quality loose leaf teas, they believe teas don’t need to full of candy to taste wonderful. Pure ingredients are top priority for Tea Squared.

It always makes sense to get a product infant of it’s audience, in person. Especially for consumable products, like food or makeup. The sense of taste, feel and smell play huge rolls in making product decisions, so when we deal with eCommerce clients we always look for opportunities to do just hat. Let people smell, touch and even taste.

We partnered with Downward Dog Yoga on Queen St West. and treated there last class of the day to some hot and cold teas as well as a discount code to!


Tea Squared goes to Downward Dog Yoga Centre

Thanks to Downward Dog Yoga Centre for having us in for some tea sampling! Tea makes a great after yoga drink, check out the video to find out why. Yay for Yoga!

Posted by Tea Squared on Tuesday, April 10, 2018






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