7 Ways to Simplify Your Content Creation Process


Ever since blogging, design and content creation became mainstream, more and more creatives struggle to find their spotlight on the global scene. Whether you are a web design professional or a dedicated content creator, simplifying your creative processes may not seem like a good idea at first. However, doing so will allow you to create more content in less time without any dips in quality.  The more original content you produce, the more likely it will be for new readers and clients to notice your brand. With that in mind, let’s take a look at several ways in which you can streamline your design or writing content creation process for your creative benefit.

Stay in Touch with Trends

Trends are typically what brings new readers and clients to your website. In that regard, it’s good practice to stay in touch with your industry’s trends, news, and innovations. This is especially true for graphic and web design industries where visual content and art styles matter more than anything.  It’s much easier to create original content relevant to your audience if you know what the latest buzzwords are in your niche. Offer a new perspective on current trends in your digital content and the right clientele will always find their way to you.

Ideate through Brainstorming

In terms of purely original content, you can always refer to brainstorming to give you ideas on what to write or talk about. Creating a mind map with sketches and drawings can easily lead to multiple new ideas in terms of digital content for your graphic or web design website.  Start by defining your key topic and writing it down on a large piece of paper or in the center of a whiteboard. Then allow your brain to work its magic and draw or write whatever comes to your mind. After that, branch out each idea in which you see some potential. For example, if your main topic is traveling, your associated topics could be culture, transportation, packing, attractions, etc. 

Mix your Content Types

Blogging through written posts and articles is not the only way to express your thoughts and opinions to the public. This is especially true in the design niche where visual content carries just as much weight as copywriting. Consider mixing and matching different content types in your articles, blog posts, and social media updates.  Multimedia such as videos, audio interviews, infographics, and other visual media can be used as digital content just as much as writing. This will greatly expand your offering and ensure that you always have some form of content to work on and publish for your audience.

Cluster your Topics

A great way to approach content creation and produce multiple pieces of content in quick succession is to rely on topic clustering. Topic clustering represents a content creation method in which a single topic (a pillar) can be used to create numerous posts with different variations. For example, if your “pillar” is “web design”, you can approach topic clustering in the following way:
  • Web design trends to consider in 2019 and beyond
  • Top web design platforms and tools
  • Web design mistakes to avoid
The topic cluster we’ve demonstrated already has three different content pieces present with “web design” being the central, connecting theme. This type of content creation can streamline your production processes significantly and allow for more digital content to be created in shorter intervals.

Create a Content Calendar

Ad hoc digital content creation is rarely a good idea, especially when it comes to building up a brand reputation for your web design or other creative business. In this respect, you can create a content calendar and follow along a set of posts and content pieces to work on.  This would require some planning ahead of time since you will effectively come up with all the content to publish for the next several weeks in advance. However, this can speed up your production pipeline significantly and leave room for content optimization and careful SEO to be implemented for better ranking.

Ask the Audience

Sometimes your audience will have great ideas on where to take your content in the future. You can always engage your audience and ask for their feedback in terms of your content and where they would take it next. The same approach can be applied when working with clients who may need content but only have vague ideas on what exactly they’d like you to create for them. This tactic is especially effective if your follower base is comprised of web design and other creative niche professionals. Take your readers’ thoughts and ideas into consideration – you might be surprised by the content creation tips they can provide you with.

Republish with Updates

When all else fails, you can refresh your website or blog with republished content coupled with new additions and updates. You can justify republished content with editorial notes on what was added and how the content piece is more relevant now than before.  Readers will always appreciate updated content which was made more relevant with revisions, expansions, that provide an added value. However, you shouldn’t rely on republished posts indefinitely – make sure that this tactic is a temporary solution if your content pipeline is dry at the moment.

In Conclusion

While creativity cannot be sped up, blogging and content creation should never hinder your web design or other business-related processes. Whether you use digital content to advertise your service portfolio or as a product for clients to purchase, you should always look for ways to streamline and simplify the process. Mix the tips we’ve listed to find a system that suits your brand the most. What are the ways in which you simplified your own content creation process recently? Let us know in the comments below. Bio: Lori Jones is a digital marketing expert with a Master’s in Marketing. She is an editor and a content contributor to Studicus where she aims to put her education into practice. In her spare time, Lori likes to cook vegan dishes and delve into a creative drawing.






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