Paying it Forward: Toronto Tea Company Gifting $10,000 to Struggling Restaurants


Toronto Tea Company Gifting $10,000 worth of Tea to Restaurants.

Times are tough for small businesses in Canada and around the world, but no industry has been hit harder than hospitality.

The industry is already plagued with high rents, as well as rising energy and insurance costs. The rising costs of labour and food have made day-to-day operations challenging for restaurants for years.

And then COVID-19 hit.

Many restaurants have decided this prolonged reduction in revenue is unsustainable, and have closed their doors. Those that have tried to make a go of it by offering takeout are watching delivery companies eat up much – in some cases all – of their profit. The way back to any kind of normalcy will be a difficult road especially for members of the hospitality industry, with uneasy customers, lower capacities, and higher operating costs. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy employing 70% of Canadians – and driving even more of our innovation.

It’s no surprise that in rough times those businesses are the ones coming together with creative ways to support each other. Tea Squared – The Toronto based importer and packer of premium tea and tea blends – is one of those businesses, making a difference.

The Toronto tea company wants to “pay-it-forward to help the hospitality community we (Tea Squared) have worked with for years” according to Tea Squared President Frank Webber.

Tea Squared is offering credit in the form of 3,500 cups of tea to all-new restaurant clients. That’s the equivalent value of about $10,000 worth of tea sales per restaurant. Not bad! Tea Squared hopes this will help restaurants alleviate some of their expenses while offering their customers a quality experience.

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“The hospitality industry was my first love,” Weber says, “I was trained as a chef, and the struggles that the industry is facing are close to my heart. If there’s any way we can help bolster us all, then I’m willing to do it.”


Tea Squared is a Toronto based importer and packer of premium tea and tea blends. Founded by Frank Weber in 2012 the company supplies a large list of retailers and restaurants with the highest quality teas. Tea Squared searches the globe for new and sustainable products. For more information, please visit the website at

For all inquiries on how to participate in this program, please contact Tea Squared at .






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