Toronto Creatives The Vlog Episode 02: Toronto Creatives


Summer didn’t just fly-on by, it got up in the middle of the night and left, without so much as a Dear John letter.

When last we left the Toronto Creatives vlog in episode 01 we were lucky enough to connect with the team from A&Co Clothing and get their insights into being entrepreneurs in Toronto. We also made some pretty hefty promises about bringing you more episodes from Toronto artists and entrepreneurs, don’t worry we didn’t forget. 

The wonderful thing about running a creative agency is that you 100% have no idea what to expect when you get up in the morning. Ok, to be fair, our days are pretty methodically structured – however, you never know when a new client or new client request will pop up. As was the case with our summer.

We’re not ever going to complain about being busy, as being busy keeps us going and keeps us able to produce what we want when we have the time. So, in that spirit of client work takes priority over our work, we’re very happy to have had the time to put together the second episode of our Toronto Creatives vlog.

As promised, in this episode we’re giving you a closer look at our team, what we do, and how we do it. In short, Toronto Creatives is best described as a boutique advertising agency. We work with clients to design brands and campaigns that speak with people and we use data-driven metrics to make sure our client is speaking to the right people.

We use creativity and technical knowledge to deliver your message to your undiscovered audience members.

We hope you enjoy episode two and don’t worry, we’re all over episodes three, four, and five. Like already filmed, already cut – coming at you… soon.






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