Why Frame Rate Is Important When Shooting Video


Everyone enjoys a video with a fantastic slow-motion scenario or a view that quickly speeds up to an intriguing moment. Great looking videos are an itegral part of social media. Knowing and regulating frame rate is the first step in creating these kinds of interesting videos. The frame rate of a movie or still picture is calculated by the number of independent frames or pictures presented each second. The word frame rate is often known as frames/second (fps), it is used to define how many static frames make up a single moment of a motion image.

For various reasons, distinct mediums & locales require various frame rates. However, the amount of fps you offer can have a big impact on your image’s appearance & what you can perform with it. Let’s have a glance at fps, what those were, as well as how to figure out how much frames / second would benefit the latest project the most. Now let us take a closer look.

The number of frames per second:

  • 24 frames per second (fps): It is the closest frame rate that is observed by the human eye.
  • 30 frames per second (fps): It is a film effect that is achieved by gradually slowing down the frame rate.
  • 60 frames per second (fps): It is smooth, but often looks like an unnatural movement.
  • 120-240 frames per second (fps): It’s a sluggish image, a fascinating alternative if we want to capture any movement.


    What Is The Importance Of Frame Rate?

    The style and watching the quality of a video are largely influenced by the fps. A faster frame rate offers measurable advantages like smoother animations which enhance target tracking, & lessen distracting effects, as well as reduced System Latency, which allows you to see targets faster & feel more attentive.

    Hollywood films, for instance, are typically shown at 24 frames per second because this fps is close to how humans see the universe & gives a very dramatic aesthetic. Whenever live streaming, the lower fps speed might result in uneven picture quality or significant latency times. If your display can’t stay up with visuals in a computer game, it may duplicate and triple some frames inside the video feed, resulting in a sluggish visual impact on your screen.

    What Frame Rate Should You Use For Your Video?

    First, you must think about what you want to accomplish with the video and what type of content you’ll be capturing. Defining your goals and picking scenes from the start can greatly assist you in determining the appropriate number of frames. 

    Many people make the mistake of shooting all of their footage at 60 frames per second, expecting that it would be slowed down in post-production. Everything would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that their goal was to make the tape look like it was taken from a movie.


    The degree of movement in the film would be the next important factor to evaluate when picking a frame rate and it is easily understandable. And when you have lots of movements you’ll want to shoot at a higher frame rate, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll choose to shoot at a higher frame rate, but it does indicate that you’ll obtain more clarity for the amount of motion captured. The greater frame rate, therefore, gives you more editing options.

    Final Thoughts

    Selecting the frame rate takes some analysis, but if you examine the four major elements listed above, you will be able to do the video and achieve the quality you need. 

    60+ frames per second (fps) anything above 30 frames per second is typically utilized to make slow-motion videos. If you want a truly cinematic feel film, at 24 fps. For corporate videos, vlogs, and other online content, 30 gives a crisper video but less of a cinematic look and feel. Your video, your taste.

    It’s time to choose your frame rate while shooting your favorite videos! Frame Rate is the important factor to make your video appealing and give a good feel for the audience who watch it.






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