Why SONOS One is our Favourite Smart Speaker


Why is SONOS One is the best smart speaker on the market today?

Already known for its large headphone wireless speakers, SONOS launched the first full-featured home speaker system with built-in voice control using Amazon’s Alexa and Google digital voice assistants.

The smart speaker SONOS raises the bar for smart speakers in the market. Even though there is huge competition from Apple and Google, both of which are launching their own increasingly sophisticated speakers, SONOS manages to establish a marvelous experience for the user, no matter how proficient or beginner in the world of smart devices.

SONOS is our favorite smart speaker in the market due to its built-in device capabilities. The SONOS One for example is like an Echo on steroids. For starters, the SONOS One is as smart as the Echo. SONOS has partnered with Amazon and Google to integrate their AI ​​assistants into the speaker, and its six microphones are constantly listening to your questions from Alexa or Google.


    Once you have completed the installation, simply talk to the AI via SONOS One: “Alexa, Random Songs by Tom Petty”, or “Google, play a new song by Beck” and so on.

    When it comes to music, the SONOS One is remarkable. Extra-depth comes to the drums and guitar at the beginning of Bob Dylan’s Everything Broken. And it offers a richer tradition of injection and percussion rally in the heart of Steely Dan’s Aja. There is also more bass volume in songs like Wild Thoughts, DJ Khaled’s track with Rihanna and Bryson Tiller.

    Sonos One

    In addition to the crystal sound, SONOS One will control the music throughout your home, wherever you have SONOS speakers. So you could ask the smart speaker SONOS, who is “sitting” in the dining room, to play Steve Winwood’s playlist on Amazon Music Unlimited in the living room. And you can do this all over the house in other rooms.

    And, of course, you can ask SONOS One daily questions like “What’s the weather like?” and “What was Babe Ruth’s average career?”

    If you already have an Amazon Echo, Dot, or Google Home speaker and SONOS speakers, you can update the SONOS app and wirelessly connect an Alexa or Google-enabled device to direct music to any of today’s SONOS speakers.

    SONOS is our favorite smart speaker in the market because SONOS One is the best audio device activated with Alexa or Google Home. The more devices your assistant can connect to, the more experiences you can gain from it. Whether it is a smart lock, lamp, smart plug, or a thermostat, SONOS One can be utilized accordingly. And this is the kind of variety you are looking for in smart devices.






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