A Virtual Restaurant Menu for a Cleaner World


A COVID-19 Restaurant Safety Solution

Menus at any restaurant get dirty. Menus at any restaurant can also get worn out. In the age of COVID-19 and climate change, printing menus every few months is making less and less sense for any restaurant owner, not to mention the unneeded added costs. Thankfully virtually everyone carries a connected device in their pocket! Introducing the Virtual Restaurant Menu, a simple QR Code on a restaurant table links the customer to a responsive digital menu customized to your brand. The experience of a menu, without a menu. The QR code only appears on your desktop, not on your customer’s device. You can print it yourself, or work with a Toronto Creatives designer to find a creative display solution that fits your brand.

 In the now-times, we’re looking for solutions more and more. There are safe ways to do things if we are careful and personally responsible for our actions, and how our actions affect others. There is currently a lot of confusion around safety in restaurants, which is understandable as restaurants are by nature are social places. Hospitality is informal, as the night goes on at least. We’re all doing our best and to be fair, we’re not all virologists and epidemiologists, so many of us don’t know how this stuff works.

A friend – braver than myself – ventured out to a patio downtown, and while she didn’t catch anything she noted the ritualistic but ineffective attempt at cleanliness. The waiter handed her a disposable ‘single-use’ paper menu, then took it back and threw it out. While the menu, now sitting in the garbage isn’t going to get passed around, it did get passed between two strangers, the waiter and my friend. A valiant effort, but not 100%.

The second and just as important reason to not use disposable everything is simply that we’re not out of the woods on global warming because we’re amid a pandemic. We, unfortunately, have to consider both. Thankfully we all have a personal computer in our pockets that can render beautifully designed web pages – or even web menus!

The Idea

Put a simple QR Code sticker – or card – on each table at a restaurant. QR Codes can be scanned from any angle and can link directly to a dynamic webpage that can be updated as the restaurant menu changes.

Smart Menu in Front of Plate

Why it’s Awesome

It’s awesome because it’s simple! It makes sense on every angle. A virtual menu QR code on a table of six people would replace six menus. This saves considerably on printing costs and excess paper waste.

A virtual menu QR code only needs to be printed once and replaced if it gets damaged. Otherwise, it’s a one-time print cost as the link URL doesn’t change – just the content does. This also means less overall paper waste and another small step toward a cleaner world.

A virtual menu can be branded to the restaurant, bringing the restaurant brand and experience into the hands of the customers, trusted, personal, safe device.

How it Works

Truth be told, there is an obvious DIY solution for this, if you can create a menu on your website you can generate a free QR Code on a website like this, then get that worked up into a sticker, or card, whatever cool thing you can think of and put one on every table. If that sounds like something you’d rather avoid, we’ve got you covered.

The Offer (If you’re a restaurant owner)

Send us your restaurant menu, your brand details and we’ll create a page just like this one for your restaurant, designed to suit your brand, which even includes your restaurant logo. We’ll keep it online and update it for you as the menu changes, and a Toronto Creatives designer will work with you to create an awesome long-lasting QR Code display solution for your table-tops. The result is a seamless experience of your restaurant’s brand and menu on your customer’s trusted personal device.

Toronto Creatives will set this system up for your business complimentary* with a six-month commitment. See below for pricing.

The Extra (If you’re a restaurant owner)

Just as an extra incentive, we’ll plant a tree for every new restaurant we sign up through this post! Sign up below and send us your menu details. Our team will be in touch ASAP and we’ll get you set up.







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