Free Letterhead Templates for Google Docs


Free Letterhead Templates for Google Docs


We’ve created three totally FREE letterhead templates for Google Docs.

Brand design is by-far one of our favourite ways to spend our time. One of the most frequent requests we get as one-off orders is letter-head design, and it’s usually an afterthought for smaller organizations. Maybe you’ve just got a logo squared away with a designer but you hadn’t thought about your business collateral basics, and now it’s time to send someone a letter. Oops.

When Toronto Creatives approaches a new brand design project we take inventory of the companies current collateral, suggest new collateral they may need going forward – usually the client agrees with our assessment and we’re able to deliver a full brand package including logos, vectors, letterhead, business cards, social media graphics and of course envelopes.

However it’s not uncommon that we come across a client with a logo, but no collateral. We’re more than happy to take your logo and evolve it into a working brand, with visual rules and a true consolidated look – but maybe you’re just looking to get a letter out today and ASAP. No problem. For this exact reason we’ve created three totally cool letterhead designs TOTALLY FREE and for you to use as much as you want with any brand you want. We created all three of these designs for ease of use with either Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

Consider it an early holiday gift!

Here they are!



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