Five Virtual Mother’s Day Gifts to Send Mom From Home in 2020


In 2020’s time of social-distancing, we’ve put together five of the best virtual gifts for mom this Mother’s Day. 

We’ve all been finding creative ways of keeping our distance while maintaining a sense of normalcy. It’s important right now. Especially for Moms. Moms are pretty awesome and we can all agree that keeping moms everywhere safe is priority number one right now. That’s why, and because we had time, we put together this list of the five best virtual Mother’s Day gifts we could think of. 


1. An Audible Account

Moms love books. That’s science. It’s also a good bet that like all of us, Mom is running low on decent content. Why audiobooks? I’m fully taking advantage of my Audible account these days, and it’s not because I’ve stopped reading. Far from it. With Audible in the mix I’ve consumed more books – in one way or another – than ever before. Listening to books provides a different experience. A more freeing experience in which you can take part, while doing other things, mom-things in this case. Check out Audible for Mom here.

Photo by Lena Kudryavtseva, Unsplash

2. An Amazon eGift card

Maybe Mom wants to order a good old fashioned hardcover, or maybe she wants to upgrade to a Kindle, or even just stock up on TP. I had no idea if an eGift card was a thing at Amazon when I thought of it. 

‘A million-dollar idea’ I thought.

 It turns out I’m not smarter than Jeff Bezos though – no surprises there – and there is very much an Amazon eGift card available that you can send instantly and virtually to Mom via email (assuming Mom has email), good for ANYTHING on So, anything!


3. A Virtual Cup of Tea

Not dissimilar to Amazon’s eGift card, Canadian tea importer and wholesaler Tea Squared also has a gifting system for their entire website. In the case of you can get mom a regular eGift card, or you can instantly gift any product on the site right to Mom via her email. Tea Squared has over 128 varieties and blends of tea on their website and they have made their entire website 20% OFF with the code SENDMETEA

Photo by Chris Burke, Toronto Creatives


4. A Wine Subscription 

There are several great wine subscriptions I’ve come across in the past few weeks, and while I don’t partake personally it’s my understanding that wine makes people happy. So here’s to mom! If you don’t know where to start you can check out the program offered by FoodBall Toronto here. Each month three wine selections are delivered with a recipe by one of the Award-winning chefs from Toronto’s BlueBloods Steakhouse, Don Alfonso 1890, and/or Cibo Wine Bar. 


5. A Meditation App

This is probably the most stressful and uneasy time any of us have gone through, and mom is no different. Self-care is incredibly important for all of us. We should encourage each other – from a distance – to try and stay in shape and stay in touch with ourselves. A guided meditation app is a great way for mom to calm her mind and maybe even attain some semblance of inner peace. My two favourites are Calm and Oak, although Oak is less guided meditation.








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