Top Five Best Graphic Design Blogs


Top Five Best Graphic Design Blogs


We spend a ridiculous amount of our time on the internet and while the majority of it is productive we also recognize the importance of seeking inspiration and giving ourselves a brain break now and then and enjoy some eye-candy. These are our top five design blogs we follow and enjoy on a regular basis.

1. Design Fetish

<span”>Design Fetish is straight up number one for us. It’s updated just frequently enough to keep us hooked but just infrequently enough to keep us half wondering if they are still alive. We’re glad to say we’re pretty sure they are.

Design Fetish features lots of random post, almost every post is clever – we love clever – and some are even thought provoking. Posts are short, often just images with captions and it always gets the inspiration motors running.

2. Toronto Design Directory Blog

Created by the talented Margot Trudell the Toronto Design Directory boasts a comprehensive listing of all the agencies and print shops in the city. It’s also a generally great source of inspiration and bright colours.

Trudell also organizes Swash and Serif, an annual font festival in it’s 5th year; this year the festival will take place at Northern Contemporary on Queen West.

3. DeZeen

This is by far the most mainstream blog we’re going to bring up here. It’s just so pretty it’s unavoidable. Although DeZeen focuses largely on architecture – and we’re not architects – we do love real estate and design. They also have some of the best design, technology and cultural insights on a consistent basis.

4. Made by Folk

Covering everything from showreels to design installations on archived dreaming. Made by Folk started as a group of designers and makers eager to share cool stuff. Since it’s insertion in 2011 the blog has since grown into a globally followed design cult influencer.

5. The Dsgn Blog

This is a great little, and fairly popular Tumblr blog from Croatia. Founded by Ena Bacanovic this blog always offers sources of graphic design inspiration from around the world.


So for the next bout of designers-block check out any of the above! … And don’t forget to check back here!






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