What is Art? Artist Breaks Down Art. (Video)


Art is subjective. It’s something that can be personal. It’s something that can be shared. Art is something that fundamentally influences almost every aspect of modern life when you sit back and think about it. The principals of fine art are studied by designers in school. Works are picked-apart by critics. Artists break rules, push boundaries and continue to ask profoundly unanswerable questions. On a rare occasion, a principal is revised, and the new one is studied by new designers.

It’s a misconception that as a designer, filmmaker, and nerd that I have some greater understanding of art as a whole. I’ve studied the principals of colour, balance, and other aspects of design rules that take root in fine art, but like many artists (of sorts) I’m apprehensive about calling myself an ‘artist’ without adding ‘digital’ in front of it. To get my head around everything Art I decided to track down someone who makes his living by selling paintings and sculptures to art investors and patrons.

Johnathan Ball is a Toronto based fine artist and street artist that owed me a coffee so I dropped by his studio with a camera to ask him some personal questions about his journey as an artist.

That’s normal behavior, right?

To be clear we’re talking about art in the most classic sense of fine art today, not art in the over-arching theme of art throughout the creative industry.

Let’s not get all existential about the whole thing. We’re keeping it to the classics. Sculpture, painting… and street art. Because street art is cool. For more from Johnathan Ball visit: http://johnathanball.com






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