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A year in the life of a creative agency in Toronto


A year in the life of a creative agency in Toronto


2017 was solid. Toronto Creatives had a fantastic year creating; for our clients and for ourselves.

We want to thank our clients and our team members alike for giving 2017 their all. We can be nothing but optimistic about what’s in store for 2018. We couldn’t be more grateful for the year we’ve had. Take a look.

For 2018, we’re resolving to bring you more custom content and more content for contents sake. On top of staying more on top of this blog / vlog situation we’ve got going on here, we’re also going to be sharing more insights on what we’re learning as we navigate world of digital media. We’ll also try and talk a bit about trends, how we measure information and how we put stuff together and why we think it makes sense.

For 2018 Toronto Creatives will also be bringing more photo essays to the blog. We love photography and it’s such an integral, not to mention complicated part of what we do day-to-day, and we almost always forget to talk about it.

Check out some of these ridiculous shots by our Operations Director / Photographer, Chris Burke – Follow his Instagram here.

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