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Revel Food

Resto Pop-up on

Queen St West

Revel Food is the passion project of Katie Bradley and David Le, serving up some seriously awesome – south-asian inspired gourmet street-ish(?) food. They try there best to host a pop-up (usually along Queen West or on Ossington) at least once a month, and if you get a chance defiantly make some time and give it a try.

Katie is a fantastic chef, as is David; Katie however happens to be a long-time friend so on the day we finally invested in our new camera, she happened to invite us for dinner! Chris has done photography for Revel in the past a number of times, so we know what level of awesome we would be expecting – so we decided to try and capture that with the new camera.

We where lucky to be filming around sunset, really the best time to get stunning skies, and more interesting footage/pictures all around.



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