Revel Food


Revel Food


Revel Food is the passion project of Katie Bradley and David Le, serving up some seriously awesome – South-Asian inspired gourmet street-ish(?) food. These guys also happen to be one of our catering partners when we take on events. They try their best to host a pop-up (usually along Queen West or on Ossington) at least once a month, and if you get a chance definitely make some time as the food is always bang-on.


Katie is a fantastic chef, as is David; Katie however happens to be a long-time friend so on the day we finally invested in our new camera, she happened to invite us for dinner! Chris has done photography for Revel in the past a number of times, so we know what level of awesome we would be expecting – so we decided to try and capture that with the new camera.

The duo specialize in unique / unconventional ingredients; they think of cooking as not only and art but almost as design challenge, finding the best way to include everything in an ultimately pleasing form.

We love using featured ingredients just to challenge ourselves, he’s (David) amazing at creating with the most random stuff.” says Bradley, downplaying her own raw talents.

We where lucky to be filming around sunset, really the best time to get stunning skies, and more interesting footage/pictures all around.




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