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Xian Rush Part 1: 1 Year Anniversary Invite to STK Toronto


Xian Rush Part 1: 1 Year Anniversary Invite to STK Toronto


Youth Has No Age – How to sell an idea idea like that… Start off by hitting up Toronto’s hottest new resto STK Toronto.

Our philosophy for selling an idea is no different than selling anything else, you must first wholeheartedly believe in what you’re selling. Of course ideas are much trickier than a physical product or a piece of art, you can’t see or touch an idea. There is nothing tactile. Nothing to even test for the most part. How do we know if we like a pair of shoes? If we believe in them or not, as a product? We ultimately have wear them. How can we test an idea? We have to, or at least have had to at some point – believed it, and lived it. That is the only way to truly test and idea, or an abstraction – live it.

When Xian partnered with Toronto Creatives to promote his S/S 2018 show and season we where thrilled and ready to take on the challenge of living as if our youth had no age. It didn’t take us long to realize this philosophy was magic, albeit a bit exhausting.

We hung out with Xian to get the scope of where he was at with the line, what was driving him as of late and what his inspirations have been over the past year. Youth Has No Age – It’s an empowering statement, and as we shadowed Xian we soon realized the zest for life that drives statements like this. Xian’s love and joy left smiles of excitement of the faces of everyone we came in contact with – that moment we realized. Youth does not have an age.

Special thanks to STK for inviting us along with Xian to their 1 year anniversary, and thanks for the delicious steak! Thank’s to TOM* for letting us hang out backstage (that’s coming up in Part 3, stay tuned) and thanks to our favourite designer friend XIAN for letting us follow him around for a week with cameras!

Check out Part 2 and Part 3. Don’t forget to check out Xian.Zone for more.



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