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Xian Clothing’s New Zone


Xian Clothing’s New Zone


The Montreal designer label, Xian Clothing is officially a Toronto Creatives client and creative partner and we’re pumped! Mostly because we’re always a little pumped as we’ve usually had several cups of coffee (on my third at the moment). But we’re especially pumped to be working with Xian.

Xian is the kind of client we can’t help but fall in love with; incredibly open to collaboration and pushing themselves, the designer and his team never stop amazing us.

We had the privilege to work closely with the designer this past summer (2017) to put together his new website Xian.Zone.

The designer has been featured multiple times in British GQ, along with a number of other fashion forward publications. Xian is also a TOM (Toronto Men’s Fashion Week) featured designer. Xian wanted to reach and interact more with thier online community. With incredible community of fans and brand advocates spread across three major cities, along with other parts of the world, who wouldn’t want to reach out and see what everyone else has to say? It’s instinctive.

Toronto Creatives and the Xian team ideated and brought to life Xian Zine – A digital art blog hosted on the designers website that features work by digital artists around the world. Each month the blog is curated by Xian himself and augmented by him and our design team to become part of the inspiration behind the Xian brand; then Xian presents it back to you as part of his and your creative process.

Neat, right? The community is growing very fast and we love seeing the artwork that is out there and continues to come in. Truly inspiring. Check out the Xian Zine Second Edition here.



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