2018 Toronto Auto Show in Photos


2018 Toronto Auto Show in Photos


We got a little bored again at work, so we decided to go content hunting! #ContentHunting

Something shiny caught our eyes on Front St, we ended up at the Canadian International Autoshow!

Turns out the Autoshow is full of cars! $100 million worth of cars to be exact spread out over three floors. The Canadian International Autoshow has been around since the 70’s and it’s the largest car show in Canada. Formerly held in the Automotive building at the CNE grounds, the show now takes up three floors and 640k SF of floor space. We put together a collection of some of our best shots from the show. Thanks to the cars for looking super car-sexy.

Delahaye GFA with a self playing Steinway. Class.


This car looks pretty fast! 447.19 km/h (277.87 mph) FAST! World’s fastest production car, Koeningsegg Agera RS


This is the BEST cup holder


Pontiac GTO


Definitely not a Transformer


Versace the car


Lexus LS+ Concept


Mercedes AMG Project ONE


Mercedes AMG Project ONE


Thunderbird from space

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