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In April 2017, celebrated their 5 year anniversary at Toronto’s Brassaii. The Toronto Creatives team helped them prepare for the event with digital promotion fueled by original content and a stylish interpretation of the brand suited for…well, the Best of Toronto.

Once again we’re in the trenches with our event production partner Mode who very much had the party aspect to this event covered. What did we do? Well apart from all the signage, a video installation over multiple screens and a party coverage video – all pulled off flawlessly – it was also our job to promote the after party. With the VIP party closing up at 11pm, the organizers were counting on their notoriety and draw to bring in a big enough crowd to off-set the cost of the event.

Toronto Creatives took over the Best of Toronto social media channels in the weeks leading up to the event. Our strategy was simple: with an arsenal of amazing event photos collected by the Best of Toronto blog over the years, we started by just re-sharing! With a schedule of posts reminding the fans what kind of parties the Best of Toronto team frequents. We then designed and released the public (after 11pm) invitation to the Best of Toronto 5 Year Anniversary After Party at Brassaii on King St. West, a notable and beautiful Toronto venue in it’s own right. The rest was left up to the imaginations behind the 60,000 impressions and 5k site visits and over 500 email signups.


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