Casa Loma

The website redesign for one of Toronto’s largest tourist destinations.

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Casa Loma

Casa Loma is Toronto’s third most popular tourist destination. The castle is an iconic piece of Toronto’s history and one of the only genuine castles in North America. Beyond tourism, the castle is also a go-to spot for weddings and luxurious special events.

The website balances the two sides of Casa Loma’s business and provides rich user experience and detailed information on the landmarks history, attractions and private event spaces.

The homepage video was produced from previously shot and originally produced the footage. In addition, the corporate event’s video was cut specifically for the launch of this website by Toronto Creatives. also features two interactive tours that showcase the various rooms as set up for tourists and event-goers respectively.

The site is designed to highlight the castle’s key points of interest, but also the primary call to action points appear multiple times thought out the site’s user journey – most notably a dynamic global ticketing link for easy client updates.

Visit to see the site in action!