Celebrities on Mental Health at Canada’s Walk of Fame 2023 for Cashbox Canada

Filmed at Toronto’s Beanfield Centre

Video Production



The 2022 Canada’s Walk of Fame inductee ceremony was held at Toronto’s Beanfield Centre on Saturday December 3, 2022, welcoming over 700 guests. The show celebrated Canada’s newest inductees to the Walk of Fame, including Tatiana Maslany, Deborah Cox, and The Tragically Hip to name a few.

The team at Toronto Creatives was recruted as content creators for Cashbox Canada, one of Canada’s most iconic music magazines, to attend the red carpet cerimony for the 2023 Canada’s Walk of Fame and produce some awesome content.

Instead of asking celebs the typical questions, our team decided to ask celebrities and business leaders about how they handle their own mental health.

This piece was produced, filmed, cut and published within 24 hours.