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Chrome Print Solutions is one of the best print houses in the Greater Vancouver Area. When the Chrome team felt it was time to elevate their online presence with a customer user portal, the looked East to Toronto Creatives to provide the most flexible and overall best long-term solution for their online property.

Rather than create a separate customer portal, Toronto Creatives replaced the previous static Chrome website with a website equipped with a full content management system so future content updates can be easily made by the Chrome team. The new content management system also allowed Toronto Creatives to build a robust customer portal complete with custom products per customer, prepaid products ready to ship, user roles to limit new purchases to customer team leaders, and a customizable product portal for users to create custom signage, business cards, etc based on pre-design branded templates produced in-house or by the Chrome team.

This customer portal makes managing print collateral for large organizations a cinch for the customer and for the Chrome team!

To help support the Chrome Print Solutions team with updates Toronto Creatives produced a short series of training videos to help the team get accustomed to their new website.