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Dropout is our collective side-gig/passion project. Headed up by our TC Videographer Jesse Read, Dropout’s mission is to be the place to showcase and discover all things Canadian Music, and we all wanted to stand behind it with a new brand and kick-ass website.

Dropout Entertainment is very much Jesse’s baby and we love it and support it accordingly. Besides, it’s a blast to work on and it gets us some great access to some cool venues and events. The Dropout team had full access backstage at Electric Island twice, which was nice – we’ve had the chance to interview some cool artists, both on video and in ‘print’. The blog keeps growing and we’re grateful for that. Tell your friends! Seriously – there’s a social share tab to the homepage.

Over the summer of 2017, we partnered with Dropout to produce the super chill, outdoor, acoustic music experience: Dropout in The Park, since the event has happend traddionally at least once a year during the summer.

Since we began focusing on original content ideas and contributions for Dropout as a team, it’s been an exciting year. Our traffic has grown almost 500% almost entirely through organic sharing.

Dropout Entertainment is currently open to sponsorship opportunities and premier partnerships. Contact Dropout here.

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