Joey Niceforo

Full brand design, album design and even a music video for Canadian Recording Artist Joey Niceforo.

Brand Design
Website Design and Development
Album Design
Content Creation
Music Video Production
Social Media Promotional Management

Canadian recording artist Joey Niceforo came to Toronto Creatives when his work with his new studio album Priceless, was taking up so much of his time he didn’t have time to manage his website or online promotions. So we helped him out with that. We ended up doing a lot of awesome stuff for this awesome talent, including our big three: brand design, web design, and video production… A pretty swank music video no less.

As a busy artist, Joey is consistently on the go, and at the time he was coming off the release of Live Like Horses, while still finishing up his next album. That’s a busy artist. 

Toronto Creatives came on board with Niceforo to promote the Live Like Horses album and drive streaming sales and media interest. With a voice like Joey’s, this wasn’t too hard.

Joey’s brand design was a unique one to develop, and it took a real sense of who Joey is as a person into account. In the case of artist marketing, the artist themselves become part of the overall product.

We found a playful balance between style and fun for Joey’s overall brand – and a logo that can be augmented as he releases new projects because it’s simple and elegant.

We proved this when we took on the artwork design and advertising for the priceless CD and its release campaign. We utilized BTS footage screen grabs from Niceforo’s first single video shoot at Abbey Road in London UK, directed by Toronto’s Don Allen. The stills did great next to the album typeface, as well as the marketing logo – and gave the album a sophisticated and somewhat somber look that only London can provide.

In the same year, still preparing for the album release, Niceforo required a music video for his second single Note to God, and we were more than happy to oblige. We worked with the insanely talented choreographer Scott Fordham for the dancers and organized a location though a real estate contact.

It’s an absolute pleasure to work with an artist of Joey’s caliber, he is a pleasure to collaborate with and takes a passionate interest when it comes to his brand; his fans and his music are everything to him.