Nutri Canine Web Commercials 2021

Video Production

Script Development



Nutri Canine is a raw-food subscription plan for dog owners. Their goal was to spread awareness of their brand, the subscription program and their value propositions, and Toronto Creatives helped them achieve this goal by creating a series of social media videos.

The videos promote a healthy, more natural, raw diet for dogs, reminding customers that a dog is a member of the family and deserves a nutritious diet and a better chance at a longer life. The videos featured three dogs of different breeds and ages excited for the raw meal as well as an actress who outlined the ease of sign-up, the convenience of delivery, the pre-packaged portions and the health benefits to the dog.

Each video covered the major product points while promoting a different value proposition for the dog (i.e. great taste, longer life, overall health.) Although working with animals is always a challenge, we had a great time working with our canine actors, and filmed them out in High Park as well as on location inside the modern Toronto home that was used as the main backdrop for the commercials.

The videos were delivered in both vertical and horizontal formats, making them shareable across Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, as well as through stories across platforms.

Closed Captioning files were also created for each one, so that if a listener was watching without the volume, they could still receive the message. The level of convenience and ease that Nutri Canine’s subscription plan offers demands a higher price point than traditional dog foods but combined with social media marketing, the videos were used to help Nutri Canine not only spread awareness of the benefits of raw meals, but also to find new customers who are serious about raising a healthy and happy dog. Toronto Creatives is proud to know that through this video campaign, more dogs are living their best life!