Website design and maintenance for Canadian Woodland Artist Patrick Hunter.

Video Production
Web Design
Shopify Products

Patrick Hunter is a 2 Spirit Ojibway artist, graphic designer, and entrepreneur from Red Lake Ontario. 5 years ago he launched Patrick Hunter Art & Design with the intent to create artwork that makes people feel good. 

In 2019 re-designed, built and launched the Patrick Hunter Art Shopify website.

Patrick Hunter is a Canadian 2-spirited First-Nations artist from Toronto, Canada. With a number of substantial accomplishments already under his belt including being the official artist for The Prince’s Trust Canada, and partnerships with Staples, and West Elm. His work is ib display at a number of public spaces including Toronto City Hall in support of the Truth and Reconciliation Act of Canada.

Hunter’s growing fan-base had been seeking the artist and his work out online, only to come up empty handed. After a detailed look at Hunter’s business and scale, Toronto Creatives recommended Shopify as an ecommerce solution; as well as a digital media advertising strategy to help drive new traffic and grow his online community. 

The Shopify site was setup and customized by Toronto Creatives and integrated into the Facebook and Google advertising platforms.

Finally Toronto Creatives produced a short profile video for the artist, for use online and in new business presentations. The video now lives on Hunter’s website as well as social media channels where it allows Hunter’s audience to get a better sense of who he is,  what he does and why they should work with him. 

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