PolyTech (Denmark)

Video Production

PolyTech is the leading development, test, production, and service company for the wind power industry headquartered in Denmark and providing solutions to clients all over the world. An engineering “Swiss Army knife” with all the expertise, products and solutions needed to optimize their client’s businesses, PolyTech’s clients have nothing but great things to say.

It’s for this reason PolyTech relies on client testimonials as part of their marketing initiative. With clients all over the world obtaining quality testimonials can be a challenge. One of PolyTech’s most robust clients is located right here in Ontario, and Toronto Creatives was happy to act on behalf of PolyTech to obtain the testimonial and produce the video for PolyTech.

PolyTech required two cuts of their video for the distribution of different platforms. This is often the case and with so many distribution options and advertising content restrictions, the ability to get the story across in longer and shorter formats is imperative for good corporate communications. 

The Toronto Creatives production team traveled to Merlin, Ontario – just outside of Windsor to film what turned out to be one of our favourite visual pieces produced to date. Footage of wind turbines is pretty, take a look!

Toronto Creatives is incredibly proud to work with progressive and innovative companies like PolyTech. We believe supporting the right clients means supporting a better future.