E-Commerce Website design and maintenance for Canadian tea company Tea Squared.

Web Design
Original Content Creation

Tea Squared is the original leader in the tea revolution. Our team provides ongoing print and digital design support to this growing household name. Also, hands down our favourite matcha!

In 2016 TorontoCreatives.com re-designed, built and launched the Tea Squared e-commerce website; we have since taken Tea Squared on as a regular client and grown the online portion of their business exponentially, and we continue to do so.

The development of promotional tactics is always on-going for Tea Squared. To date we have significantly grown their organic social media following and substantially increased online sales. We play to trends and have even played a hand in hyping-up a couple, such as “#coldbrewtea”.

It’s an absolute blast working with Tea Squared because there is always so much to talk about! Recipes, facts, history – the world of tea is endless and telling the story of Tea Squared and all the individual stories behind each of their teas and each of their blends is always a chance to learn something new.